Take Control of Your Native Inventory

Take Control of Your Native Inventory

Why publishers should start working with a native ad tag manager

Intro Summary: Native ad networks are fundamentally sales organizations whose real customers are advertisers, not publishers. Be smart and choose a partner that will make the native marketplace work for you. 

As the native advertising landscape quickly evolves, it’s increasingly difficult to individually test native ad networks and determine who offers the best yield. Many of these companies bully publishers into hardcoding their ad tags, so that they can always get the first look at inventory. But it doesn’t have to be that way; publishers can have native ad networks compete for their inventory through a process called mediation.  (Check out our earlier post to learn more about how mediation works.)

Many publishers run a native advertising strategy where their primary native ad network delivers native ads at a high CPM and fill-rate.  Then, the few unfilled impressions are either filled by another network or simply left unmonetized.  This is a simple system that works great for certain publishers.

Others are not so lucky, because their primary native ad network delivers low CPMs and/or fill-rates.  These publishers are missing out on revenue opportunities for their valuable impressions.  Many don’t even realize that they can integrate multiple native ad networks into their monetization strategy.

Why should publishers partner with multiple native ad networks?

When publishers commit to working exclusively with a single native ad network, they lose out on potential revenue from another network, who may be paying higher rates for the same inventory.  It’s a basic principle of supply and demand.  Big orders come in that need to be filled in a short amount of time. Or niche audience segments are required for a campaign in which another native network may lack reach.  Whatever the reason, rates for digital inventory fluctuate and publishers should capitalize on the moments when payouts are high.

What if my native ad network says their terms and conditions don’t allow publishers to mediate ad placements?

Monetize your website

Don’t believe native ad companies that say it’s against their terms and conditions to mediate placements through a third party.  It would be like saying that you can’t serve tags or control scripts through a DFP or Google Tag Manager (which is common practice for many publishers these days).  It’s up to you to determine how to work with middlemen such as networks and exchanges, not the other way around. The only company that has a right to dictate how you monetize your website is you.

At AdsNative we are demand-source-agnostic.  Meaning that our technology infrastructure is designed with the publisher’s best interest in mind.  Through proprietary technology, our smart-tag management system quickly determines which native ad network offers the highest CPM for any placement and allows that demand source to serve in the ad unit.

Additionally, we have the ability to conduct a real-time auction amongst hundreds of buyers to determine if their bids can outperform the native middlemen. All of this happens within a fraction of a second. Publishers can even assign their own priority settings, if they feel they should give first, second, third, etc. look to a particular partner.

Let’s stop saying native advertising is new and just get smarter about how we implement the ads.  The more networks you include in your native strategy, the more you can learn about what elements perform best with your audience…and more importantly, the more money you can make. Native ads were created to step out of a one-size fits all form of digital advertising.  Shouldn’t that philosophy extend to your native network partnerships?

Conclusion Summary: The first generation of the native advertising was about delivering new revenue streams, and that’s great. The networks and exchanges did exactly that for publishers. But the next generation will require much more sophisticated technology in order to scale, and that’s where AdsNative excels.


Learn how AdsNative can help you maximize yield from native ad placements by visiting us at AdsNative.com or emailing us at contact@adsnative.com.

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