The AdsNative Love List

The AdsNative Love List

The saying goes: ‘to know me is to love me’.  So in honor of Valentine’s Day, the team at AdsNative created a list of things we love. You’ll find everything from hot coffee to molecular gastronomy, tiny dogs to rugby clubs, running the distance to pigging out. Tell us in the comments what you are loving right now.  We’d like to get to know you better too!


Huddy fireplace

Jeff enjoys hanging out with his son Hudson

Jeff Wayne, VP Business Development: I love kickin it by the fire with my little dude, Hudson.


Xuening Sun, Head of Data Products: I love my mom’s cooking; finally realizing a simple solution to a problem I’ve thought about for weeks; a nice cup of coffee on a rainy Sunday.


Brad Thorson, Publisher Relations: I love my old man and my D3 rugby club – The Fog. We may not be very good, but it’s been an incredible sport to learn since moving to San Francisco, and we have fun pretending to still be young.


Brad’s rugby team, The Fog

Satish Polisetti, CEO: I love 60mins of Insanity on Sunday morning followed by a very unhealthy meal…


Vinay Tota, Software Engineer: I love updating code for our product without breaking anything; long runs; coffee.


Sarah Fruy, VP of Marketing: I love my little dog Moxie Lady; taking exotic vacations to places I’ve never been before; and curling up with a good book that I don’t want to put down.

Sarah's Boston Terrier, Moxie Lady

Sarah’s Boston Terrier, Moxie Lady

Kevin Van Lenten, SVP of Partnerships: I love my three little princesses….they keep me going and on my toes.  I’m now an expert in braiding hair, painting toes, and I can sing every song from Frozen.


Kuldeep Kapade, VP of Engineering: I love a good cup of chai on a rainy day with a good unhealthy snack.


Max Gutman, CTO: I love lazy weekends, 80’s movies on TBS, and cooking any chance I get. My other profession would be sushi chef. I also recently got into molecular gastronomy.

Max made these “eggs” from different kinds of bell peppers

Dhawal Mujumdar, Founder: (to commemorate the ultimate trend of listicles in online publishing) 10 things that Dhawal unquestionably loves – Seinfeld reruns, home cooked meals by my mom, “we are in yet another dot com bubble”, bitcoin and of course it’s volatility, XKCD, the resurgence of GIFs, parody accounts on Twitter, hilarious memes of Reddit, “the next big trend” bandwagon in Silicon Valley, and “Tantalizing Turkish Coffee” at Philz.


Sam Merry, Contractor: I love Gifs, my dog Indy and my brand new (2 week old) nephew.

Sam's little nephew

Sam’s little nephew

Mitchell Karns, Intern: I love my dogs (all 8 of them!) back on the east coast. Can’t wait to see them soon with my whole family as well.


Alex Prodaniuk, Design: I love honey bees. There is something so incredible about these golden bugs who fly great distances in search of nectar. They are collaborating as they create their exquisite honey, quite literally, sunshine in a bottle! On a warm day there is nothing better than sitting on my rooftop watching them come and go.

Alex makes life a little sweeter with her beehive

Alex makes life a little sweeter with her beehive

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