Announcing the AdsNative Mediation Platform

Announcing the AdsNative Mediation Platform

Since we launched AdsNative in 2013, our top priority has been determining how to best serve publishers by providing tools that enable them to execute native ad strategies. We are privileged to work with a large and growing number of premium publishers, and our system processes around 500 million native ads each month. Every day we work on new and innovative ways to make it easier to run native advertising campaigns and maximize native ad revenue for publishers.

Over the past few years, the native advertising market has evolved into a healthy ecosystem of differentiated stakeholders: trading desks, demand side partners, content recommendation widgets, native ad builders, etc. Moreover, as the native advertising market has matured, we’ve seen the proliferation of native ad networks. As this ecosystem has expanded, time and again we heard from our customers about the need for better ways to manage and optimize native ad partners.

Why commit to one partner, when you can use our optimizer to automatically maximize multiple revenue sources?

To better manage your native advertising relationships and indirect demand, we are launching AdsNative Mediation. AdsNative Mediation enables publishers to connect and maximize revenue from a number indirect demand sources. Integration is easy. AdsNative’s javascript tag is the only tag you need to serve all of your indirect partners’ tags.  Additionally, our robust reporting tools monitor all of your demand partners from a single dashboard.

We’ve been testing the AdsNative Mediation tool since April of this year amongst a select group of beta partners. During the beta phase, our publishing partners saw an increase in native revenue ranging from 40% – 80%, when they mediated indirect demand through our platform.  Check out our blog post, “5 Steps to Manage Native Advertising Demand Sources” to learn more about how our mediation technology works.

We also invite you to try mediation as part of your native advertising strategy.  You can signup for a free demo with AdsNative by sending us an email at If you are an existing customer, please refer to the “Networks” tab in your dashboard.

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