AdsNative Serves Over 500 Million Native Ads

AdsNative Serves Over 500 Million Native Ads

Today marks a huge milestone for our team at AdsNative; we have officially served over half a billion native ads across desktop and mobile devices on websites, social tools, and apps like Bonnier, POLITICO, Disqus, and MusixMatch using our proprietary ad server.  As more and more marketers join the bannerless web movement, the opportunity is limitless in terms of what we will be able to achieve through native advertising.

Our clients love the flexibility of native formats and the ease of creating beautiful ads with just a few assets.  Additionally native ads outperform standard display ads across the board.  In fact, we saw an average click-through rate that’s 5x higher than the standard banner ad (at .08% CTR) during the month of November.   With results like these, we believe native is the future of digital advertising.

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