Partner Snapshot: POLITICO Reveals Website Redesign

Partner Snapshot: POLITICO Reveals Website Redesign

On Monday, November 10th, 2014 our partners at POLITICO unveiled their newly redesigned website. POLITICO’s President and CEO Jim VandeHei called the facelift “the formal beginning of the biggest transformation of POLITICO in eight years.” In addition to a more modern look and feel, the homepage now features four cover stories, showcasing a broader range of important topics. Scroll down a bit and readers can also read content from POLITICO’s award-winning magazine.

This responsive layout works seamlessly across devices, quickly organizing stories based on relevance and subject matter. Additionally, it includes the new POLITICO Timeline feature, which highlights the last fifty articles posted to the site. POLITICO’S Editor, Susan B. Glasser, describes the timeline “as a real-time record of our journalism that automatically refreshes after each visit.”

An example of a native ad on

While we love new look and functionality, over at AdsNative we are most excited about the inclusion of native ads in the homepage feed. Labeled as “Sponsored Content” in a blue-colored box, the units elegantly integrate with POLITICO’s reimagined layout and design. Clicking the units takes readers to a landing page within the site featuring clearly labeled branded content.

By including native ad placements in their redesign strategy, POLITICO is tapping into an increasingly effective digital monetization strategy.   Earlier this year the Online Publishers Association (OPA) released a study revealing that 81% of marketers are looking to increase audience engagement and promote brand visibility through native ads. Marketers are flocking towards native ads because they produce better results than a typical banner ad: increased user engagement, web traffic, and social sharing. In fact, eMarketer predicts that brands will spend over $3.1 billion on native content discovery and advertising this year alone.

What website redesigns have impressed you the most this year?  Tell us in the comments section.



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